CBD Implementation Planner

for program directors and residency programs

As a program director, you will play a central role in your program’s transition to Competence by Design (CBD): you will be the educational architect, team lead and change manager. Leading change on this scale requires you to build awareness, support, readiness and commitment in your local environment. Use this tool to organize your planning by blocks of time that work backward towards a July 1 CBD launch. About this planner.

About the CBD Implementation Planner

A small group of clinician educators, program directors and competency-based medical education (CBME) leads created this planner for PDs on the basis of what we characterize as “fairly typical” patterns and strategies that enable implementation. Depending on your discipline, systems and institution and the needs, priorities, resources and size of your program, implementation tasks may happen earlier or later than indicated, and they may take longer than anticipated.

The idea is that you can plan and judge your progress based on how far you are from your planned launch. Remember though, there will be variability in timelines and activities, which is entirely acceptable and expected. Notice too that we have organized the typical activities into 3 big buckets to help you more easily think about and organize your work: (1) team and resources, (2) structure and (3) capacity building.

Don't worry if you have additional or fewer tasks on your own list. To be safe, connect with your local systems and resources early on to ensure that you are implementing CBD according to the policies of your institution and within a timeline that facilitates success.

You are not alone: there are people at your institution and across the country who can help to make your implementation of CBD as smooth as possible. If you need help connecting with your local CBD implementation resources, contact your postgraduate (PG) dean or local CBME lead.

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Dr. Adelle Atkinson, Dr. Andrée Boucher, Dr. Janice Chisholm, Dr. Susan Glover Takahashi, and Dr. Kirsty Tompkins. We would also like to thank the CBME Leads and Program Directors that provided feedback on this resource.

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