Zii - Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Zii?

Zii is Encore Travel’s online booking tool and provides a self-serve experience like other consumer tools that you may have used, such as Expedia, Kayak, etc. The main difference is that Zii is configured to reflect the Royal College Travel Policy, discounts, preferences and benefits, and consolidates all travel resources in one portal. The Zii Platform integrates with our Duty of Care provider, and it connects to the Royal College’s official Travel Management Company, Encore Travel.

Is Zii the same as Encore Travel?

Yes, Zii is an Encore Travel product that allows you to self-book your own business travel without having to contact an Encore travel agent. Zii leverages the latest technology, offering an easy solution for all your business travel needs through a single portal. You’ll be able to access your itineraries and invoices, see your upcoming and past trips, create and update your travel profile, and book your own travel.

How do I access the Zii booking tool?

Go to royalcollege.ziitravel.com. Zii is accessible from anytime and anywhere from any device. All you need is an internet connection! 

Do I need to register on Zii before I can book business-related travel?

Yes. As an initial step, we ask that all contributors (volunteers) and employees who plan to travel in the coming months on behalf of the Royal College, please register on Zii and create a profile. You must create your Zii account as a first step to book online, or via email or phone.

How do I register on Zii and create my profile?

On November 21, 2022, you received an email from the Royal College Corporate Travel Team (travel@royalcollege.ca) co-branded with Zii asking you to register on Zii. To create your Zii account, you simply need to follow the instructions in that email. It’s easy to do and will take you less than two minutes. As a final step, you will also need to log onto Zii to activate your account.

How will my credit card and personal information be kept secure?

Please note your credit card information is required to complete the Zii registration process and to subsequently book hotels and car rentals. At the Royal College, Zii implementation was vetted by our cybersecurity team and our Security, Privacy, Records and Information Governance (SPRING) Committee. In addition, Encore Travel abides by specific privacy processes and performs penetration tests on a regular basis to ensure Zii’s security. Learn more about Zii’s privacy policy.  

If I don't typically travel for work at the Royal College, can I delay my sign up and registration until I need to travel?

Yes, you can delay your registration until you need to book your first trip. Keep in mind that you now need to have a Zii profile to book online, via email or on the phone. For security reasons, Encore agents cannot book for travellers who do not have a Zii profile.

What training will be provided?

Watch the Royal College’s training video. The Zii app is filled with short training videos and FAQs.

What information will I need to provide to Zii to make my bookings?

When you first create your account on Zii, we recommend that you input your preferences and applicable airline and hotel incentive/membership program numbers. Additionally, you will be required to enter a credit card number to complete hotel and car rental reservations. Payment information and personal information are critical to booking.

As a user, what can I manage on my Zii profile?

You can

  • manage your profile;
  • request permission to manage travel for other users (if you are a travel arranger);
  • look into travel options;
  • book travel;
  • see your upcoming trips; and
  • retrieve your itinerary, etc.

Why should I use Zii vs. emailing or calling an Encore Agent to book business-related travel?

Zii now provides an independent option for those with busy schedules. For individual travellers, Zii will bring many benefits:

  • an easier way to check travel options, as only eligible trips will be served up to their profiles
  • an independent booking experience anytime (24/7) from anywhere there is an internet connection
  • a choice to book independently, without the back and forth of an agent

Encore agents will remain available for those who still wish to continue booking travel through email and phone.

When should I use Zii to book travel?

You are encouraged to use Zii whenever you plan to travel domestically (Canada only) on behalf of the Royal College. Zii allows you to book airfare, train, hotel and car rentals. Only fares and classes permitted by the Royal College Travel Policy will appear as options in your Zii account.

Can I use Zii to book international business-related travel?

No. Currently, Zii is available for domestic (Canada only) corporate travel only. Due to the complex nature of international travel, international travellers must still book their travel with Encore Travel agents. You may contact Encore via email at Royalcollege.vip@encore.ca or by phone at 613-528-1716.

I logged into Zii but it is not working, what should I do?

See question above “How do I register on Zii and create my profile?” Your “Book a Trip” button will be greyed out until your profile is sufficiently completed. Zii will also let you know what’s missing to complete this step.

  • If you are a contributor (volunteer), please remember that your login credential is your Royal College ID.
  • If you have a message related to the travel admin needing to approve your access, please write to travel@royalcollege.ca.
  • If you still cannot access Zii, please send an email to customersuccess@encore.ca

Can someone else book travel on my behalf on Zii?

Portal access is only for Royal College employees or Fellows/members of the Royal College who have a Royal College ID number. The platform does not currently support external arrangers.

If I run into an issue with Zii, who should I contact?

You can chat with Zii within the app, or you can contact Zii at customersuccess@encore.ca

Who is the Zii travel administrator at the Royal College and when should I contact them?

The Zii travel administrator is the Royal College Corporate Travel Team, which is under the Office of International Collaboration (OIC). They can be reached by email at travel@royalcollege.ca. You can contact the team when you encounter a message related to the travel administrator needing to action something, are having trouble connecting in Zii or if you have any questions on the Royal College travel program.

If you have questions about how to use the tool or troubleshoot when booking, do not hesitate to contact Zii by using the Chat icon at the bottom right of your Zii screen, or by clicking on "Support" in the Zii tool under the Zii menu on the left side.

Can I look up business travel options in Zii before booking?

Yes, you can investigate options before booking. You can also save your progress and go back to it later, but your flight and hotel options will not be reserved and you may have to search for them again after you return. Only fares and classes permitted by the Royal College Travel Policy will appear as options in your Zii account.

Can I modify my trip after booking?

Not through Zii. You will need the assistance of an agent. You may contact an Encore agent via email at royalcollege.travel@encore.ca or by phone at 1-855-236-3665.