Honorary Fellowship

About Honorary Fellowship

The Royal College Council may bestow Honorary Fellowship on exceptional physicians, surgeons and lay persons who are not eligible for Fellowship. These individuals have demonstrated outstanding performance in a particular vocation or a specific area of professional activity directly or indirectly related to the field of medicine. Honorary Fellows may use the designation FRCPSC (Hon).

Nominations for Honorary Fellowships can be submitted by any Fellow of the Royal College, as well as by Council members, specialty committees, specialty societies, senior academics and others. The call for nominations is issued in the fall, with Honorary Fellows selected by Council at its February meeting.

Up to four Honorary Fellows can be appointed per year by the Royal College Council. There is a long-standing tradition of offering Honorary Fellowship to the governor general of Canada, the patron of the Royal College, at the commencement of the term of office.

Honorary Fellows typically receive their Fellowship diploma a Royal College event.

Guide - How to Prepare a Nomination for Royal College Honorary Fellowship

Regulations for the Selection and Admission of Honorary Fellows

Please submit your application via our online platform – 2024 Honorary Fellowship

Submission deadline
December 11, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered.

Questions about this award, please contact us via email awards@royalcollege.ca

2023 Honorary Fellows

Dr. Jamiu Busari, MD, MHPE, CCPE
Professor Patrick O’Connell, MD, FRCSI

2022 Honorary Fellow

Sir Roy Calne

2021 Honorary Fellows

Brigadier-General (Retired) Hilary Jaeger
Dr. Barry Lavallee
Major-General Marc Bilodeau

2020 Honorary Fellows

Dr. Lorelei Lingard
Dr. Hans Jung
Dr. Roger Strasser

Honorary Fellows

Dr. George Alberti, FRCPC (Hon)
Prof. Luis Ibañez Anrique, FRCPSC (Hon)
Mme Louise Arbour, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Lorne A. Babiuk, FRCPSC (Hon)
Prof. Carol M. Black, FRCPC (Hon) 
Dr. Michael Bliss, FRCPSC  (Hon)
Dr. Alain Beaudet, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Philip B. Berger, FRCPC (Hon)
Brigadier-General J. Jean-Robert S. Bernier, FRCPC (Hon) 
Sister Monique Bourget, FRCPSC (Hon)
Prof. Zafar Ullah Chaudhry, FRCPSC (Hon)
The Right Honourable Adrienne Clarkson, FRCPSC (Hon)
Lieutenant-General The Honourable Roméo Dallaire (Ret), FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. David A. Davis, FRCPC (Hon) 
Soeur Elizabeth Davis, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Thomas A. Dignan, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Alexander Dougall, FRCPC (Hon) 
Brigadier-General A.M.T. Downes, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. A Brent Eastman, FRCPSC (Hon)
Prof. Muhammad Sultan Farooqui, FRCPC (Hon) 
Dr. Bernard Fisher, FRCSC (Hon) 
Dr. Olivier James Garden, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Paul Grand’Maison, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. John Hamm, FRCPC (Hon)
Dr. Eric S. Holmboe, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Mary M. Horowitz, FRCPC (Hon)

Dr. Barry Trevor Jackson, FRCSC (Hon)
Dr. Ian Thomas Jackson, FRCSC (Hon)
The Right Honourable Michaëlle Jean, FRCPSC (Hon)
His Excellency the Right Honourable David L. Johnston, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Lucian L. Leape, FRCSC (Hon) 
Mr. Stephen Lewis, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Jocelyn Lockyer, FRCPSC (Hon) Dr. Yucun Liu, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Ann Macaulay, FRCPC (Hon)
Brigadier-General H.C. MacKay, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Ernest Mastromatteo, FRCPC (Hon)
Dr. Lizo Ebden Mazwai, FRCSC (Hon)
Dr. Bernard Morrey, FRCSC (Hon)
Sir Peter Morris, FRCSC (Hon) 
Dr. Louise Nasmith, FRCPC (Hon) 
Ms. Eva Olsson, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Andrew Pipe, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Raymond Victor Rajotte, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Ignacio Sanchez, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Bernard Shapiro, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Louis Siminovitch, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. John Allan Raymond Smith, FRCSC (Hon) 
Dr. Barrie I. Strafford, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Professor Geoffrey Ian Taylor, FRCSC (Hon)
Dr. Maureen Topps, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Mark A. Wainberg, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Ronald G. Worton, FRCPSC (Hon)
Dr. Joseph B. MacInnis FRCPC (Hon)