Visiting Experts

We send members of our team of experts to you. Visitors may include

  • examiners,
  • program directors or
  • clinical experts.

Each visit typically consists of a 3-5 day period. We will customize this service to meet your needs.

Contact us to arrange a visiting expert:

Our three types of faculty exchanges

  1. Examiner visits

    An examiner in a discipline of your choosing will visit your institution to participate in – and provide feedback on – your specialty examination. They’ll provide personalized advice on how to innovate your processes and assessment strategies based on best practices.

  2. Exam observers

    Members of your faculty can visit us in Ottawa, Canada, to observe our examination process. You’ll learn about the Royal College examination system and best practices that could benefit your system.

    Only two guest observers per specialty exam are eligible to attend each year.

  3. Medical education experts

    Our experts will visit your institution to help you address targeted needs or concerns. You and your faculty will learn in a personalized and one-on-one setting. Our experts will provide customized mentoring on areas like

    • residency program accreditation,
    • medical education,
    • program development
    • assessment, or
    • clinical areas.