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The Royal College is proud to be recognized as a leader in medical education. Through our business unit, Royal College Canada International, we extend our expertise by helping clients around the world transform their postgraduate medical education (PGME) systems, establish networks, transfer knowledge and build capacity. From faculty development to accreditation, our services help clients achieve their PGME goals.

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Examples of our work

We help our clients in Kuwait and Chile – Kuwait Institute for Medical Specializations (KIMS) and Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) – enhance the quality of their residency education and programs.

We support KIMS by

  • developing and delivering reliable, high quality and certified PGME examinations in collaboration with joint specialty boards and Royal College Fellows who are experts in their fields;
  • implementing examiner and examination chair training; and
  • preparing faculty on their journey to achieve and maintain Royal College accreditation for their institution and residency training programs.

We support UC by

  • conducting educational workshops on residency and clinical education to support their faculty;
  • promoting high quality PGME standards through regional conferences to improve physician training and delivery of patient care in the region; and
  • adopting CanMEDS, a Royal College framework known for being the most widely accepted and applied physician competency framework in the world.

We collaborate with our client in Colombia to build local capacity and create curriculum standards that are transforming their PGME programs. Through tailored and interactive virtual educational workshops, we help Sociedad Colombiana de Urología (SCU) fulfill its mission to build local capacity and professional development programs for urologists in the region. Our collaboration with SCU also includes supporting its affiliated institutions and programs in the development of a standardized curriculum based on Royal College standards.

We support SCU by

  • identifying strengths and opportunities for improvements in PGME;
  • developing roadmaps that are suitable for their local needs, contexts and learning environments;
  • taking first steps toward PGME system transformation;
  • creating curriculum standards that could serve as a benchmark accreditation system in Colombia; and
  • establishing communities of practice that will lead the change and implement new standards.

What our client is saying

Sociedad Colombiana de Urología


“I really must say that we participate in many teaching activities, and I have not seen workshops that were richer in strategies for virtual participation and interaction. The Royal College [Royal College International] took our collaboration very seriously and ensured that we achieved our objectives.”

Dr. Juan Guillermo Cataño

We collaborate with clients to promote, develop and deliver PGME offerings that are transforming medical education globally.

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