AFC in-training route (training in a Royal College accredited program)

The in-training route for Areas of Focused Competence (AFC) is designed for specialists who acquire the competencies of a Royal College AFC discipline through training in an accredited program, and who wish to have their competencies recognized with the AFC credential.

Am I eligible?

There are more than 50 Royal College accredited training programs in Canada in 18 AFC disciplines. Combined, these disciplines allow entry from more than 45 primary and subspecialty disciplines. Eligibility requirements are outlined in the discipline-specific Competency Training Requirements (CTR), as determined by the discipline’s Royal College AFC Committee.

Please contact the accredited program where you wish to train for information about their training program and registration process.

Former Trainees

Until July 1, 2023, former trainees of accredited AFC training programs may apply for assessment in order to be deemed eligible for the credential. If you completed training in an accredited training program before March 2020 (when the current assessment process launched), please contact your program’s AFC Director to discuss your interest and eligibility. The process outlined below applies following confirmation that the program and PGME office will attest to your competencies and eligibility for the credential.

How do I apply for the credential?

After registering in an accredited program, or at any time during training, trainees are encouraged to apply for assessment by contacting the Credentials Unit.

Following training, the AFC director (on behalf of the accredited program) and PGME office attests to the Royal College that the trainee achieved the competencies of the discipline and is eligible for the AFC credential. Attestation is provided through the Confirmation of Competencies Acquired (CCA) form which AFC directors can request from the Credentials Unit.

The Credentials Unit facilitates the review of all applications and attestations, confirming the trainee meets the eligibility requirements outlined in the discipline’s standards. Those deemed eligible for the credential will be invited to have their credential recognized by the Royal College by becoming a Diplomate, permitting the use of the designation DRCPSC.

The application fee for the in-training route is $1,015 CDN and is required at the time of applying. The fee is non-refundable. The annual fee to maintain the credential is $265 CDN.

More information for trainees and AFC directors about the assessment process for accredited programs is available here:

Any questions about the in-training route can be directed to the Royal College AFC program manager.