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September 2020 – Best practices for Evaluating Online Programs

Brought to you by the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS)

COS found that in moving to host digital events (webinars and meetings) instead of in-person activities we had improved evaluation response rates by including the evaluation as a poll at the end of the session. We had a captive audience and were able to gather their immediate feedback. To capture more detailed information from the participants in relation to the session content, series, or overall meeting of which the sessions were a part, we would send a post-session evaluation through survey gizmo that allowed for deeper evaluation.

  • Take time to craft clear evaluation questions, well-crafted questions provide useful data
  • Objective of evaluation is to measure the success of a session/program; how effective was the program? Did it meet objectives? How can we use this feedback to determine perceived and unperceived needs of our target audience?
  • Integrate session evaluation as Polling questions at the end of the session
  • In session poll-style evaluation captures the responses of those actually participating
  • Polls were set up with yes/no, true/false or multiple choice questions. We did not use text answers in the polling-style session evaluation
  • When sessions are part of a series, it is important to ensure that you still evaluate the whole series or overall meeting. To do this, COS sent an email to attendees including a link to overall meeting evaluation in survey gizmo etc. This is where we captured more detailed text response data
  • In planning the session evaluation and the overall meeting evaluation, you need to determine which evaluation questions are best for the short in-session poll and which need to provide a more detailed analysis in the post-session survey
  • Evaluate evaluation process after meeting and review findings
  • Implement lessons learned into future meeting delivery

COS saw an increased session evaluation response rate: a 75% increase in responses at our June 2020 virtual meeting and through the webinar series A Path to a New Vision


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Accrediting simulation programs

All providers of health care simulation programs in Canada are invited to apply to be recognized as a Royal College-accredited simulation program. Applicants must be not-for-profit organizations with a formal governance structure. They must also be accountable to and serve medical professionals through continuing professional development and research activities.

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Definition of terms

TermRoyal College definition
Co-developmentThe process by which two or more organizations, at least one of which must be a physician organization, prospectively collaborate to develop and implement an accredited educational activity, learning resource or tool.
Educational grantThe mechanism by which a sponsor provides support to a CPD organizer for a specific educational activity, learning resource or tool.
Physician organizationphysician organization is a not-for-profit group of health professionals with a formal governance structure, accountable to and serving, among others, its specialist physician members.
SponsorA sponsor is an individual, group, corporation or organization who contributes funds, goods or services to support accredited educational activities, learning resources or tools.
SponsorshipSponsorship is the process by which individuals, groups, corporations or organizations provide support (financial or in-kind contributions) to a CPD organizer to support an accredited educational activity, learning resource or tool.
TaggingThe linking or alignment of a sponsor’s name to a specific educational session within an accredited group learning activity.
TransparencyTo provide transparency means to clearly disclose, divulge or make known. (The opposite of transparency is ambiguity.)

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