Royal College Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award

2020 Royal College-Accredited CPD Provider Innovation Award Recipients

This year’s award winners showcased their skills and knowledge in continuing professional development by planning two novel educational activities.

Keeping patients safe during surgery.

Accredited CPD provider: The Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA)

Innovation name: Theatre Arts - an innovative surgical safety program

Description of CPD activity:

More than one million surgical procedures are performed in Canada yearly. While health care providers, teams, and organizations strive to provide safe care, patient safety incidents still occur. The need for a surgical safety program was determined through a collaborative study between CMPA, Healthcare Insurance Reciprocal of Canada (HIROC) as well as a multi-organization meeting sponsored by CMPA in 2018.

As a result, CMPA designed Theatre Arts, a team-based educational opportunity. The course content was determined from the study conducted by CMPA and HIROC outlining the impact of system factors in hospital surgical incidents. Needs were also identified from scientific literature; feedback and suggestions from physicians who advice CMPA members; and input from senior management and stakeholders.

Learn more about CMPA’s Theatre Arts: The CMPA Surgical Safety Course.

Making changes happen with an interprofessional conference.

Accredited CPD provider: Dalhousie University, Continuing Professional Development and Medical Education Research

Innovation name: Choosing Wisely with Academic Detailing Service Conference: 5 Years Later

Description of Dalhousie’s innovation:

Early in the Choosing Wisely Canada™ campaign, it became apparent that Nova Scotia was in the lead with 11 or the 150 practice-changes listed already addressed through our Academic Detailing Service (ADS). Our interprofessional, small-group, evidence-based, and interactive conference was developed to translate these data into practice. We host our Choosing Wisely with Academic Detailing Conference in small communities across Nova Scotia to provide access to all physicians using a family friendly and culturally immersive approach. Additionally, this conference is not industry-supported. However, it is supported by the Doctors Nova Scotia (DNS), the Nova Scotia Department of Health, and the Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health (CADTH). Attendance is capped at 50 participants. Our conference is now five years old.

Our format employs opening sessions in which practising physicians present clinical cases, pharmacology is presented by pharmacists and discussions in small groups. A subsequent discussion with the whole group is facilitated collaboratively by the presenting pharmacist and physician using their specific expertise to solve these complex clinical problems. Content is selected from the CWC lists and our ADS topics. Some presentations address communication skills for CWC and there is an annual report on progress with the CWC campaign. This weekend conference includes a cultural welcome reception on Friday evening, a locavore style dinner, and a casual cultural event Saturday evening both of which welcome families and guests.

Learn more about Dalhousie’s Choosing Wisely with Academic Detailing Service Conference.

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