MOC Tip of the Month
By Craig Campbell

Squeeze the most value out of your accredited group learning events

MOC Tip of the Month - By Craig Campbell

Accredited group learning activities are a popular way to scan your environment for new ideas and to enrich your knowledge and competence. Fellows often ask me how they can enhance the value and impact to their personal practice of an accredited group learning event. Here are my recommended strategies:

  1. Before attending
    • Review the learning objectives for the session(s) you anticipate attending to understand what the planners intend for you to learn. Personalize these objectives to help ensure the session(s) will meet your personal or practice needs.  
    • Initiate a “personal learning project” by creating one or more questions you anticipate the group learning activity will help you to answer.
  2. During the activity

    Use the MAINPORT Mobile app to capture your reflections and inspirations in real time, or jot down some notes to add into MAINPORT later. Consider recording answers to the following questions

    • What are you learning or intending to change in your practice?
    • What new ideas, issues or questions do you anticipate pursuing when you return home?
    • Has the evidence that is being presented and discussed helped you discover potential options for assessing your performance?
  3. After attending
    • If you haven’t already done so, reflect on what you learned and document it in your MAINPORT ePortfolio.
    • Identify the low-hanging fruit — what changes can you make right away?
    • Identify the higher-hanging fruit — what additional learning do you plan to pursue? Develop a plan to get there.
    • Think back to the options for assessing performance that you discovered at the event. Identify how you could implement one or more of them to ensure your practice is consistent with current evidence or guidelines.

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