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Shahid Ahmed

Triple your conference learning this spring

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“Will you be attending an accredited conference this spring? With a little bit of planning, you can multiply your conference learning by adding a personal learning project (PLP).

For example, attending an accredited conference is a group learning activity that will earn you one credit per hour. However, if you take that learning further and apply it toward a PLP, you can maximize your knowledge and increase the number of credits you can claim: one credit for each hour of the conference plus two credits for each hour spent on your PLP.

Here is my five-step process for turning your conference learnings into a PLP:

  1. Develop your question. Start by reviewing the learning objectives and description of the conference sessions you are interested in attending.
  2. Develop a learning plan. Read any pre-circulated material and other relevant resources.
  3. At the conference, learn with intent. Keep your question in mind as you attend the plenaries and group activities. I also recommend that you discuss your question informally with your colleagues as you network. Collegial discussions at breaks are wonderful opportunities to seek feedback and be inspired.
  4. After the conference, reflect and define your outcomes. Ask yourself if you learned enough at the conference to answer your question. If not, consider modifying your learning plan and exploring additional resources to complete your answer.
  5. Document your PLP in MAINPORT ePortfolio. I encourage you to document your PLP while it is still fresh in your mind. At the same time, you can check your MAINPORT ePortfolio Holding Area. If the conference administrators have uploaded your participation at the conference, all you need to do is complete the final step of recording your learning outcome to apply the credits to your account.”

For more information on how you can use personal learning projects to reflect your practice needs, contact your local CPD Educator.

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