Annual Performance Review and Feedback

Section 3: Assessment Activity

3 credits per hour

Rationale and Target Audience:

This tool is an opportunity for you to seek feedback on your Annual Performance Review from peers, colleagues or other health professionals. The feedback may help identify future learning and / or continuous improvement opportunities.

1Identify an area of your practice you would like to improveChoose an area of your annual performance review to assess.

I would like to:

  • Improve my interprofessional team communication.
2Identify performance question(s)Identify specific performance question(s) you have about this area of your practice (e.g. clear communication with patients, maintaining up-to-date charts, low infection rates in post-op patients etc.).

My specific question(s) is/are:

  • Are medical goals and plans of care being clearly communicated/understood by all team members involved with my patients.
3Select one to three professional standards or criteriaSelect one to three criteria/standards to compare your performance against (e.g., hospital guidelines, teamwork expectations, patient metrics, provincial performance data, etc.)

I will compare how I currently perform against:

  • CanMEDS handover toolkit
  • TeamSTEPPS Canada communication guidelines (e.g. SBAR, Callout, Checkback)
4Assess your performanceObservations of your performance can be conducted by trusted peer(s) (based specifically on the performance chosen to be observed).

The data sources that I will use to learn more about my current performance:

  • Electronic health record
  • Nursing unit team leader
  • Unit physiotherapist
5Compare your current performance with the standardsReview and analyze the data you collected about your performance in step #4 and compare it to the guidelines selected in step #3. This will help you identify gaps and learning opportunities.

Gaps noted in current performance vs. existing standards include:

  • Currently not using any standardized process for handover.
  • Frequent interruptions excess noise during morning handover.
  • After daily rounds interprofessional team frequently unable to state patient care priorities for the day.
6Discuss your findings with trusted peer(s)Share and discuss your findings with trusted colleagues, peers, or mentors to get input and feedback on the gaps/opportunities you identified and plan for next steps.

I will collect input and review feedback from/with:

  • Colleague from another medical/surgical unit who has implemented standardized communications processes
  • Hospital patient safety officer
7Identify the next steps for practice improvementUse the data and feedback you collected on your performance to identify the actions you will take to close the gap between your current performance (guideline #4) and your desired performance (guideline #5) (e.g. additional learning, modifications to a practice process etc.).

Self-assessment of my performance identified these possible improvement actions:

  • Trial of implementing “I PASS the BATON” communication protocol during handover
  • Investigate use of and implement Interprofessional Daily Rounding Tool.
8Document this process and the outcomes in your MAINPORT ePortfolioTime spent on steps 1 through 7 can be claimed under Section 3: Annual Performance Review.I spent 2 hours reviewing the feedback received from my colleague, and I created a plan of action for improvement. I will claim this activity in my MAINPORT account under Section 3: Annual Performance Review


  1. What aspect(s) did you perform well?
  2. What aspect(s) are recommended for improvement?
  3. What specific actions (including additional CPD) are you planning to complete to respond to the feedback you received?
  4. What pleased you from the data and feedback you received?
  5. What challenges, if any, do you anticipate in implementing these plans for improvement?
  6. What measures would enable you to determine if the planned changes are successful?
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Use your reflections on these (or other similar questions) to record the outcomes on the feedback you received from a peer, colleague or health professional.

To claim MOC credit for this assessment activity, visit MAINPORT and complete the fields under Section 3: Annual Performance Review for 3 credits per hour.