CPD activity toolkit
Educational delivery methods

Keeping participants engaged

To facilitate adult learning, a variety of educational methods that address the learning needs and objectives that you have identified should be used. No matter which methodologies are used in content delivery, incorporating interactivity is essential.

Actively engaging participants in the content allows them to frame the topic within their own context. Instead of information merely being transmitted, the learner acquires and links new knowledge to his/her current theoretical knowledge and experience in practice.

Examples of delivery formats

Educational delivery options include the following:

  • plenary sessions
  • small-group sessions
  • round tables
  • workshops
  • break-out sessions
  • debates
  • online programs (with interaction between participants and faculty)

Read more about educational delivery formats.

Interactivity is essential

All educational delivery methods chosen should have an element of interactivity that accounts for at least 25 per cent of the event or session. Read more on Interactive Learning in Continuing Professional Development: "at Least 25 Per Cent of Time"

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