Competence by Design

Guidelines, supporting documents and best practices

CBD program evaluation and feedback from local implementation efforts have raised important questions about the impact of CBD on various elements of postgraduate education. When the Royal College does not have a formal policy on the topic, it may offer suggestions, guidelines and best practices. The following documents — some of which have been created by or in collaboration with experienced leads from the medical education community — are intended to support programs in making choices that work best in their local context.

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Storage of CBD Assessment Data

One page of security and privacy tips and best practices on how to store resident data.

Storage of CBD assessment data

Guidelines for meeting training requirements during COVID-19

The Royal College is working together with postgraduate deans, specialty committees, schools, programs and partners across Canada to monitor the impacts of the pandemic on all aspects of the learning environment. To support programs, three documents have been developed regarding how programs may meet national standards during this unprecedented time.

Other resources related to the impact of COVID-19 on residency education.

Curriculum Mapping and Educational Experiences by Stage/Year

As part of the CanERA accreditation process, the Education Domain evidence in CanAMS (the digital accreditation management system) requires uploading or populating a few key tables. The following guidance document supplements the instructions in CanAMS with respect to the purposes and requirements of the curriculum plan map and educational experiences by year/stage tables.

Please note that the following guidance document and templates are provided for reference only. When preparing for an accreditation activity, please always use the versions found in your CanAMS profile instrument.

Other faculty development resources for Curriculum Mapping

The Role of Time in CBD

Which elements in CBD remain time-dependent? In choosing a hybrid model approach, we avoid the need for a major overhaul of current, time-based structures. Therefore, it is expected that some elements of a resident’s training experience will remain time-dependent.

The Role of Time in CBD

Academic Advisors

The Royal College does not have a formal policy on academic advisors for CBD. Please contact your local CBME lead for direction.