Royal College Speaker

“Royal College Speaker” is a designation intended for eminent Canadian or international physicians or surgeons in significant speaking roles (e.g., keynote or plenary) at conferences or other educational events hosted by physician organizations in Canada.

The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is pleased to provide a Certificate of Recognition for presentation to eligible Royal College Speakers. Royal College Speaker designations may be used in print and electronic promotional materials for approved events.

General Policies

  • The speaker must be presenting at an event that has been accredited by a Royal College Accredited Continuing Professional Development provider.
  • Events must be accredited as either Section 1 (Accredited Group Learning) or Section 3 (Assessment) activities.
  • The primary event organizer must be a provincial or national physician organization.
  • Royal College Speakers must be physicians or surgeons, however they do not need to be Fellows of the Royal College (for example, a Royal College Speaker could be a visiting physician/surgeon from a different country).
  • The target audience for content delivered by Royal College Speakers must include specialist physicians and/or surgeons.
  • Self-approved activities (such as Rounds and Journal Clubs) are not eligible for Royal College Speaker certificates.
  • The event organizer must obtain permission to use the “Royal College Speaker” designation before commencing promotion of the event as such.
  • Promotional materials for the conference/event must not identify a speaker as a Royal College Speaker until formal approval has been provided by the Royal College Membership Services Unit.
  • Applicants are eligible to receive a Royal College Speaker certificate not more than twice per calendar year.
  • The form of certificate is established by the Royal College and may not be modified by the recipient organization. See Appendix 1 for a sample form of certificate.
  • Certificates are provided electronically, for printing by the host organization.
  • Provision of a Royal College Speaker Certificate is on a one-time use basis only. For annual events, application must be made annually.
  • The Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada logo will be provided to all organizations applying successfully for Royal College Speaker designations. The logo must be used in conjunction with any print or electronic reference to the approved Royal College Speaker.

Application Process

  • Please submit requests for Royal College Speaker recognition at least eight weeks before the event.
  • Requests for Royal College Speaker certificates should include the following details:
    • Name of Physician Organization hosting the event
    • Contact person, with phone and e-mail address
    • If different than the contact person, the name and e-mail of the person who should receive the certificate for printing
    • Documentation of accreditation as a Section 1 or Section 3 activity
    • Date and location of the event
    • Date by which the Certificate is required
    • Description of the target audience
    • Name and brief biography of the proposed Royal College Speaker
    • Any available draft promotional materials for the event


  • Where approval has been granted for use of the Royal College Speaker designation, funding for the event cannot be provided by the Royal College.
  • Similarly, any event approved for a Regional CPD Activity Grant cannot be considered for a Royal College Speaker certificate.
  • Organizers seeking Royal College funding for CPD Activities are invited to review eligibility requirements for Regional CPD Activity Grants.

Questions about the Royal College Speaker designation? Please contact us via email at