Harry S. Morton Travelling Fellowship in Surgery: Recipients

The Harry S. Morton Travelling Fellowship in Surgery, established by The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2013, is funded from the investment income of the H. S. Morton Exchange Fellowship Fund of Canada. Dr. Morton obtained his medical degrees from the Royal London Hospital Medical School in England and joined the Royal Canadian Navy in 1938. Following the Second World War, he taught at McGill and practiced as Chief Surgeon at Queen Mary’s Veterans Hospital in Montreal. He was made a Patron of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1999. Dr. Morton died in Halifax in December 2001.

2023 recipients

Dr. Yousif Atwan, FRCSC

Dr. Emily Burke, FRCSC

Dr. Jean-Alexandre Sauvé

2022 recipient

Dr. Angel Arnaout, FRCSC

2021 recipients

Dr. Cameron Elliot, FRCSC

Dr. Kiersten Pianosi, FRCSC

Dr. Katherine Anderson, FRCSC

2020 recipients

Dr. Jonathan Bourget-Murray, FRCSC

Dr. Cameron Alistair Elliot, FRCSC

Dr. Lauren Smithson, FRCSC

Dr. Jonathan Spicer, FRCSC

2019 recipients

Dr. Michael D Richards, FRCSC

Dr. Miranda Witheford, FRCSC

2018 recipients

Dr. Etienne Bourassa-Moreau, FRCSC

Dr. Grayson Roumeliotis, FRCSC

Dr. Frederick Zeiler, FRCSC

2017 recipients

Dr. Lisa Caulley, FRCSC

Dr. Frederick Zeiler, FRCSC

2016 recipients

Dr. Andre Jastrzebski, FRCSC

Dr. Hugo Lavigueur-Blouin, FRCSC

2015 recipient

Dr. Paul Salo, FRCSC