Regional Prix d’excellence — Specialist of the Year

The Royal College is currently undertaking a systemic review of the awards, grants and visiting professorships programs. As a result, for 2024 this award is currently under review and is on hold until further notice. Updates will be shared on this page as they become available. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to make program improvements for the benefit of all members.

This award recognizes Fellows of the Royal College who have made significant contributions in providing outstanding care to their patients and the community in which they practice. The nominee must be a role model for excellence in patient care. The award is open to all Fellows of the Royal College working in any practice setting (e.g., private practice, community, academic).

General policies

  • The nominee must be a Fellow of the Royal College in good standing.
  • For each nominee there must be one lead nominator and two to four letters of support.
  • At least two of the nominators must be Fellows of the Royal College in good standing.
  • Residents are not eligible to be the lead nominator, however they can provide a support letter.
  • Previous recipients are not eligible to be nominated in the future.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Nominations by a close relation (e.g. a spouse, sibling, parent, grandparent or child) are not accepted.
  • There is only one recipient per region.
  • The award is adjudicated by a subcommittee of the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC).
  • The Royal College will work with the nominators and the recipient to arrange for presentation of the award (plaque) at an appropriate existing event (specialty meeting, rounds, faculty lunch, etc.).
  • Whenever possible, a RAC member will present the award to the recipient at the chosen event.
  • If your nominee becomes an award recipient, the Royal College reserves the right to reproduce content from this nomination package, including quotes from nomination letters, in promotional communications.
  • Nominators’ identities will be revealed to the successful recipient in his/her letter of notification.
  • With consent of the lead nominator, unsuccessful nominees receive a letter from the Royal College notifying them of their nomination.

Nomination process

The lead nominator is responsible for submitting the entire nomination package, by email in one PDF. All Royal College communications related to the nomination shall be with the lead nominator. The nomination package must include the following:

  • The completed nomination form (by the lead nominator).
  • Two to four letters of support.
    • Each letter of support must speak to any applicable CanMEDS key competencies, as outlined in the nomination form.
    • Each letter of support must include the author’s email address.
  • A current CV for the nominee.

Please note: Handwritten nomination forms/letters of support will not be accepted.

Past recipients

Submission deadline
TBD early 2022

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Video:Why nominate a colleague? Fellows reflect on the regional awards.