Program Administrator Award for Excellence

CanMEDS Roles

Administrative Expert:

Technical skills (computer and database management); Research and data analysis skills; Problem solving and decision-making; Coordination of multiple, simultaneous ongoing program demands ; Organizational expertise with attention to detail, dependability and trustworthiness; Time management and self-motivation; Analysis of information ; Informed decision-making; Recognize own limits of knowledge and expertise; Knowledge of various regulatory bodies, eg RCPSC, CCFP, CPSO, residents’ organizations and contractual agreements.


Exhibits personal excellence in leadership and management; Creates and supports an environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation, respect and diversity; Respects the inherent worth of all individuals evidenced through inclusiveness and diversity; Committed to carrying out professional responsibilities; Maintains confidentiality in all aspects of the role; Promotes positive change and innovation, and seeks to improve; Displays discretion and tact in the face of adverse situations; Understands professional boundaries; Maintains membership in a professional association such as CAMEO that upholds standards of practice and facilitates sharing, networking, collaboration and research.


Written and verbal communication; Information source for program directors, faculty and learners; Active listener; Interpersonal skills; Accurate and efficient response to enquiries; Effective communication with other programs, departments and universities; Precise and accurate documentation; Information flow; Insight into the importance of good communication and finds ways to improve communication strategies.


Effective interactions; Collaborates with other departments and outside agencies; Fosters teamwork with residents, medical students, faculty and professional associates; Responsive to the needs of others; Demonstrates effective supervision and development of support personnel as needed; Knowledge of Human Resources issues and policies as needed; Effective negotiation and conflict resolution skills; Shares knowledge and information.


Effective acquisition and use of resources; Knowledge of institutional and departmental policies and procedures; Efficient office organization; Proactive in anticipating, initiating and managing change; Cost-effective approach to office management.


Understands and applies the CanMEDS principles administration; Attends workshops and conferences; Is up to date on program activities; Maintains technical and administrative skills through reading, networking and internet searches; Demonstrates a willingness to learn; Mentors program staff and colleagues.


Volunteers for program, departmental, institutional or professional association activities; Contributes to the well-being of residents/staff; Effectively represents the program to internal and external contacts; Assists learners in accessing appropriate support and assistance; Understands the role and limits of advocacy; Ability to self-advocate.