Charles Peter W. Warren History of Medicine Essay Prize

The Royal College is currently undertaking a systemic review of the awards, grants and visiting professorships programs. As a result, for 2024 this award is currently under review and is on hold until further notice. Updates will be shared on this page as they become available. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we strive to make program improvements for the benefit of all members.

The Prize

The late Charles Peter W. Warren, MD, FRCPC, inaugural chair of the Royal College's History and Heritage Advisory Committee, is honoured through this eponymous essay prize supported by the Dr. Robert A. Macbeth Library and Archives Fund.

Presented for the best scholarly essay on the history of medicine, with particular consideration given to essays related to the history of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and/or the history of Post-Graduate Medical Education in Canada, the Charles Peter W. Warren prize awards the recipient with $1,500.00 and a certificate of recognition. The recipient is announced in Royal College publications, and provided the opportunity to post their winning paper on the Royal College website.


  • Submissions of an original work developed by a resident during their enrolment within a postgraduate program accredited by the Royal College, and completed within 24 months of end of their postgraduate program.
  • Submissions may be published or unpublished. If published, the essay must have been published within two years of the essay prize's submission deadline.
  • Applicants are encouraged to seek out mentorship during the development of their paper, including mentorship in historical research methodology and/or content mentorship.
  • The History & Heritage Advisory Committee will attempt to help an applicant find a mentor if the applicant is without local mentorship opportunities.
  • Unsuccessful essays are eligible for resubmission for one additional consideration.


  • Submissions should not exceed 6,000 words, excluding the bibliography. (Submissions exceeding the maximum length are ineligible)
  • Submissions are to be provided in PDF format and accompanied by an introduction letter (maximum two pages) and abbreviated curriculum vitae (maximum three pages).
  • In instances where the submission is published, or accepted for future publication, the applicant should provide the publisher and, where possible, include a link to the publication.
  • Essays with multiple authors must include a letter (or letters) from collaborating authors confirming the applicant entering the competition as the primary author, and detailing the various contributions of the multiple authors


The History and Heritage Advisory Committee appoints a panel to adjudicate the prize.

Rating criteria:

  • Relevance and originality (30%)
    • Innovative and unreplicated.
    • High relevancy in the field of study.
  • Quality of literature review (20%)
    • Thorough; demonstrates in-depth research and exercises all/or most potential resources.
  • Quality of historical analysis (40%)
    • Thesis is clear and original.
    • Evidence supportive of a convincing overall narrative/argument.
    • Appropriate use of primary sources.
    • Consistent, substantiated explanations and cogent reflections.
  • Presentation (10%)
    • Linguistic cohesion: clear and concise writing.
    • Free of grammatical errors.

While a single prize is award annually, adjudicators may identify additional papers for honorary mention.

The History and Heritage Advisory Committee may opt-out of awarding the prize.


Questions about this award, please contact us via email

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