Accreditation of Area of Focused Competence (AFC) Programs

The Royal College has established national standards for evaluating and accrediting Canadian Areas of Focused Competence (AFC) programs. Akin to a current clinical fellowship or post-residency training, AFC programs build upon a physician’s certification (either specialty or subspecialty) through supplemental or advanced training/practice as defined by the Royal College national standards. AFC disciplines and their respective programs build upon a broader discipline in order to enhance, rather than replace, one’s scope of practice.

As of July 1, 2021, a new accreditation system for AFCs will apply to all accreditation reviews. Learn more about the new AFC accreditation system.

Looking for AFC training at an accredited site? See the list of recognized AFC disciplines.

Standards of Accreditation

AFC programs are held to the General Standards of Accreditation for AFC Programs. These standards are to be read in conjunction with the standards of accreditation specific to each discipline. Together, the general and discipline-specific accreditation standards set out the expectations for an AFC program regarding its educational experiences, content, assessment, and resources.

The previous iteration of the General Standards of Accreditation for AFC Programs, known as the C Standards, is available for reference during the transition period.

Looking for the standards of accreditation for your discipline? Find them on our Information by Discipline page.

Standards Applicability

AFC programs are held to the accreditation standards (general and discipline-specific) in place 12 months in advance of the relevant accreditation activity (i.e., regular accreditation review, external review, action plan outcomes report).

Accredited AFC Programs

The following programs are accredited by the Royal College:

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